VCNA Purchasing Group

VCNA Purchasing Group Developed to Obtain Highly Competitive Rates for ASC Supplies & Products
Benefit to ASC Bottom Line  (Approx. 75,000  Procedures/Annum)
VCNA Purchasing Group Leadership: Over 100 Years of Supply Chain Management &     
            Vast Relationship Network
Improved Purchasing Power, Risk Mitigation & Improved Ability to Thrive Under FFV
Written Legal Opinion: One of Many Steps Taken to Protect VCNA Purchasing Group; Qualifies as
            Protected Entity under Safe Harbor and Complies with Anti-Trust & Anti-Kickback Statutes
Favorable Agreements for Malpractice Insurance and Merchant Processing Services
Call for membership information:

888-771-VCNA (8262)

1101 Pelham Parkway N
Bronx, NY 10469

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