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VCNA Group Purchasing Organization

What is a Group Purchasing Organization?


Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) save healthcare providers money by leveraging

aggregated membership purchasing volume to negotiate discounts with manufacturers,

distributors and vendors. At VCNA GPO, our members  typically realize significant savings

on their purchasing costs.


How Does a GPO Work? 


  • GPOs are membership-based, leveraging collective buying power to help healthcare providers realize significant cost savings.

  • GPOs do not purchase any products. Instead, they negotiate contracts that healthcare providers can use for their daily needs.

  • At VCNA GPO, we negotiate contracts with healthcare manufacturers, distributors, vendors and other suppliers based on the products and services that our members need.

  • After a group purchasing contract is created, you decide which product is most appropriate for your needs and make the purchase.


How Else Can GPOs Help Me?

In addition to helping our members immediately start saving on items they use every day; we work with them to:  

  • Standardize and streamline purchasing.

  • Reassign staff focused on purchasing to care of patients. 

  • Identify and implement performance solutions designed to improve clinical, operational and financial health.

  • Provide or coordinate one-on-one Advisory Solutions and Consulting Services.

  • Establish best practices and enable peer networking.

Written Legal Opinion: One of Many Steps Taken to Protect VCNA Purchasing Group; Qualifies as a Protected Entity under Safe Harbor and Complies with Anti-Trust & Anti-Kickback Statutes
Also, we have negotiated favorable service agreements for malpractice insurance and merchant processing.
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